How to be a top model?

1. Choose A Traffic Package

Choose a traffic package below, Basic with 1000 traffic for your chaturbate account, or Premium with 10,000 traffic.

2. Use Your Traffic Package

Do you already have a license? Now everything is easy, we recommend you to watch the video below to see how you add traffic to your chaturbate account

3. Attract More Clients

Even if you chose the basic or premium package, now you already have at least 1000 traffic in your room, now chaturbate will try to increase your position, now everything depends on you and your clients to make more money

How does this traffic help me?

We offer you traffic for your chaturbate account. Why do you need chaturbate traffic?

Whether you are a independent model or working in a studio, this traffic in your room is an asset over other models.

This traffic is very easy to use, immediately after the payment confirmation, admin will send you a user and a password for the traffic platform, there you can connect with these details in your dashboard traffic, .

There in your dashboard, you can manage your chaturbate traffic whenever you want. You can start or stop this traffic, you can set the limit of traffic and of course to which model to send this traffic.

You should know that most large studios in Colombia, Spain, USA, Romania, Russia, and other countries are already using this traffic to increase the ranking for studio models.
But remember, even if you are an independent model and make money on your own, you can use this platform.

For studios it is recommended to use the Premium package or if they want very fast results, the Enterprise package.
One of these traffic packages will provide guaranteed results in a much shorter time than the Basic package.

Our licenses are valid for a period of 1 year, not less. Please do not try to negotiate with us for licenses for a period of 1 month or 6 months, we can not offer less than 1 year, and the prices are standard those displayed on the site.
Of course, sometimes we have promotions and discounts available on the site or

If you already are our client, for support you can contact us at the email address, usually one of our moderators will give you an answer to your question, in maximum 10 minutes, but if we are crowded it can take up to few hours.
Please do not send the same message twice, it has definitely reached us and we will reply as soon as possible, also you can contact us through the contact form.

Our video

Chaturbate Video & screenshots with paid version

Chaturbate Traffic Video – How is working?

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